Saratoga Springs Holistic Health Center: Holistic Health Practitioners & Alternative Healing

One Roof Holistic Health Center at 58 Henry Street in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY offers a range of holistic services for the body and mind. The depth and breadth of the services found at One Roof are unmatched in our community. This home of individual specialists intuitively knows and openly supports clients working to discover new paths of healing and well-being.


Partner with one of our highly specialized practitioners to receive individualized treatment to address your health concerns. People come to us with all that life presents including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, chronic pain, insomnia, weight & body issues, headaches, autoimmune disorders, GI distress, and high blood pressure.

Come join us for Meditation with Pierre Zimmerman or the Saratoga Stress Reduction Program, classes in mindfulness meditation & stress reduction. Quiet your mind, reduce stress and find greater balance in your life.

Ready to get started? We welcome the chance to help you improve your wellness. Contact Us today to find out which practitioner or class is right for you!

PARKING FOR ONE ROOF at 58 Henry Street.
Map of FIVE nearby public parking lots, in addition to on-street parking, provided with thanks to the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce!