A Mindset for the New Year – by Janet & James Orzano

We have so much gratitude for having had the opportunity to share our spiritual path with you, and we hope that you begin this year with the intention to go deeper into your spiritual life and explore the possibilities that lie before you. That intention can be energized by developing a mindset that focuses on growth and change rather than avoidance and complacency.

We have been working with an amazing book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, PhD, that we highly recommend. It provides a perspective and clarity that can help usher in accelerated growth, personal evolution and revolution.Mindset

The research presented in Mindset documents the effectiveness of a growth state of mind, among many other things. According to this theory, we all come from either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. A growth mindset leads to exploration, creativity and change, while a fixed mindset keeps us where we are.

The theory presented in this book has illuminated the struggle we all face to make changes on a mind, body, or spiritual level. We hope that you choose a mindset that is grounded in spirit and allows you to share your beautiful gifts with a world that sorely needs them.

Janet Orzano & James Orzano are Reiki Master Practitioners at One Roof and Reiki Teachers. James also offers Intuitive Readings, which explore self-awareness and discovery.

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