Being Present- By Pierre Zimmerman 9/1/22


Presence is bringing ourselves fully into to the present moment with another person or persons, on many levels: physically, emotionally, cognitively, relationally and spiritually. Four major qualities are necessary: embodiment, process orientation, intentionality, and being in relationship.

Presence is embodied. It lives from the neck down, which helps us to be grounded and centered within ourselves. There is a sense of immersion in the details of the moment. There is a realm of spaciousness and expansion, along with a background feeling that everything is ok. We have the intention of being compassionately with and for another, in service of healing.

Presence is a process in which we are receptive and open, free of agenda, expressing ourselves verbally and non-verbally. We are inwardly attuned, extending a feeling of resonance, being guided in that moment of being together.

Presence is intentional, and it takes commitment to cultivate this quality, to engage that experience of presence within oneself, when we walk in the room with someone, holding that intention and bringing it in.

Presence is relational, it is not just within oneself, it lives between us. It involves a meeting between people that is deeper than each individual and allows an access to a larger experience of connection and consciousness, which is ultimately where healing is derived from.

There is a bi-directional communication when we calm our body, our brain, and mind, and come into alignment. We need to regulate our emotions, goals, and ideas in order to relate and to regulate. That essence of presence is how we are with people, not what we do with them, but how we are in relationship.

Remember: “That which we pay attention to and practice, grows stronger.”


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