Grafton Peace Pagoda Flower Festival, 6/12

Grafton Peace Pagoda Flower Festival
Celebrating the Birth of the Buddha
Sunday June 12, 2016 at 11:00AM

-Traditional Buddhist Ceremony
-Ecumenical Prayers
-Pot Luck Community Lunch

flowerNipponzan Myohoji, Grafton Peace Pagoda
87 Crandall Rd, Petersburgh, NY 12138

For information or to help with ceremony preparation
Please call (518) 658-9301 between 8am and 5pm

FLYER attached below for download.

Flower Festival FLYER 2016

Dr. Selma Nemer’s New Adventure: Guardians of the Treasure!

Dr. Selma Nemer & Gabrielle Nemer co-author a new adventure titled, Guardians of the Treasure…

Clinical psychologist and owner/director of One Roof, Dr. Selma Nemer, and her granddaughter Gabrielle, a middle school student, are thrilled to share with you an exciting fantasy-mystery tale, Guardians of the Treasure, available now from Amazon or locally at Northshire Books.

Guardians-Nemer2015As dark forces are trying to take over the world, best friends Chrystal and Stephine stumble upon a mystery in a small historic town, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They inadvertently discover a treasure, woven into their ancestry, and must learn to unlock its secrets, to be used against these dark forces before it’s too late. 

Dr. Selma will sign copies locally on Dec. 3rd during the Victorian Streetwalk at Northshire Books on Broadway in Saratoga Springs beginning at 5pm; a perfect chance to have Dr. Selma inscribe a special message to a special young person on your holiday list! A group of local authors will be available during the festivities in the Children’s Room.

We hope you’ll join in courageously unraveling the secrets of the treasure!

Dr. Nemer is also author of The Beheaded Goddess: Daughters of Narcissistic Fathers, available from Amazon.

What is Yoga Nidra?

It is said that “Yoga Nidra takes you beyond the barriers of the five senses. In this realm, which we call the Zero Stress Zone, you have the power to actualize your intentions, affirmations and prayers.”
Everybody benefits from a deep rest that releases tension, lowers blood pressure and balances the mind. Yoga experience, or interest, is not necessary to receive the immense benefits of Yoga Nidra. All you need to do is lie down and listen as a skilled facilitator leads you through the eight stages of this ancient practice which relaxes accumulated mental, muscular and emotional tensions. Guided breath work awakens the relaxation response and offer’s a profound rest, an “advanced nap”, which is often more satisfying that a good night’s sleep. Awake refreshed, with a calm and stabilized mind, liberated from stress. You are restored and ready to resume your day with improved health and wellness.

Beginning October 1st at One Big Roof, Nini Gridley will offer a Yoga Nidra class!
All are welcome to try this deep, refreshing rest. Easy to learn; blissful to practice!
Register w/ Nini today – call (518) 573-0571.

The Healing Power of Sound, Vibration and Breath

By Dalien a.k.a. 13 Hands

Say I love you to someone, how does it feel? Feels nice right?
How do you feel inside when you let out a good yawn?
How about that nice grunt sound you make after taking a dump?
Don’t deny it . . . (LOL) . . . that’s my favorite too!!!

Sound, it’s an integral part of our lives, but we don’t always pay attention or understand how incredibly healing it is to the mind, body and spirit.
You don’t need grant-funded research to tell you how healing laughter is, do you?

You know it is . . . You’ve felt it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that Mozart is better for your brain than aggressive heavy metal music with lyrics about negative things, death and dark subject matters.

Does the voice of your favorite co-worker inspire you or annoy you?
Have you ever been in a room with people chanting mantra? Kirtan? Ever sat and listened to a church choir?

The point is this, listen and feel sound, all sound . . . it’s everywhere. Every time you’re exposed to it, try to close your eyes and not just hear it . . . feel it, notice the change in your breathing, FEEL what it’s doing from the inside out.

DALIEN, aka “13 HANDS,” is a two-time Grammy nominee, Professor of Yoga, ERYT500 instructor, kirtan wallah, presenter and sound therapist who has been immersed in many studies, approaches and styles of yoga, holistic health education, shamanism and contemporary/ world chant music for over 20 years. With 13 albums, playing over 25 instruments and touring approximately 100-150 events a year. A survivor of Crohns/Colitis and other endocrine issues, he healed himself completely through a very inspiring journey to go on and implement this wisdom and healing into the programs, workshops, teacher training modules, concerts and personal development work he shares to help people with general health, stress reduction issues and in the recovery of post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.
He will offer a Yoga & Sound Meditation Workshop at One Big Roof on May 29 at 7pm!
TO pre-REGISTER: email


What are Bach Flower Remedies?

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Imported from England to your local health food store, Bach Flower Remedies are a simple system of emotional healing developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, providing gentle & cost effective emotional support.

According to practitioners trained to use them, a unique Bach Flower Remedy is blended for you from the 38 original Bach Flowers to address the emotions presented. That unique remedy is then taken “four drops four times a day” until balance is restored. Bach Flower Remedies are effective in alleviating difficult emotional states, restoring harmony and supporting health and well being.

Locally, Nini Gridley MS Ed is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, as well as a Bach PractitionerProfessional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Holistic Healer in private practice since 1995. She teaches about Bach Flower Remedies in private consultations and in group presentations. From lively introductory sessions to workshops that train clients and retail staff about the entire Bach Flower Remedy system, Nini provides students the knowledge and confidence to select Bach Remedies for themselves and their loved ones.



Do You Seek Nourishment? Nicole Mastroianni Can Help!

Embodied Nourishment and The Integrative Nutrition Plate with Nicole Mastroianni, Certified Emotional Wellness Coach and Expressive Arts Mentor…

Deepak Chopra asks “What Are You Hungry For?” in his best selling book. Nicole breaks it down for us in a step-by-step program, including the following precepts:

IINPlate_1201022Bio-individuality™: The concept of bio-individuality is that each person has unique food and lifestyle needs. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets tend to fail in the long run. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and ancestral background. I use a personalized, holistic approach to ensure that you will have great success!

Primary Food™: It’s easy to overlook all of the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It’s not just the food we eat, but all of the other factors present in our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. I will support you in achieving all of your goals, from eating the right foods for your body to living an inspired, fulfilling life.

Integrative Nutrition™ Plate: The Integrative Nutrition Plate emphasizes the importance of local and organic produce, whole grains, high-quality proteins, plant-based fats, and water. It shows you how a plate should appear at mealtime and emphasizes the importance of proportions and portion size. To complete the picture, the plate is surrounded with lifestyle factors that create optimal health: relationship, career, physical activity and spirituality. I’ll introduce you to some of the healthiest foods on the planet and teach you how to find what’s healthiest for your unique body!

– See more at:
Nicole will be offering several workshops at One Big Roof: a six week Women’s Empowerment Immersions “She Recovers,” beginning March 21st; and a noontime Dance Meditation Series, March 11th & 25th and April 8th & 22nd.

Visual Poetry & The Mind-Body Connection

One Roof Administrative Director Mary Kathryn Jablonski is a visual artist & poet. She remembers playing primarily with words in her childhood and cannot remember not having an inner dialogue. Her first awards in school were in writing. In her teens, “coming into her body,” she recalls discovering the world of visual art and its potential. She became an artist and went to art school, pursuing a career in art. Throughout her life, these twins traded places, like Castor and Pollux in the night sky. When she began working in galleries and museums, she discovered artists who fused the mediums, and she saw the connection between what was for her, the corporeal world of art making and the intellectual, interior world of the poem. Entering the realm of holistic health, she realized the mind-body link and the beautiful role it has played throughout her life.


Her visual poetry artwork has been on display for the month of September in a small solo show at Saratoga Arts, 320 Broadway, where she also has a piece in their juried exhibition, “Saratoga Sights & Sounds.” Her chapbook, To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met, is a collection of epistolary poems woven with threads of humor. In this search for self, she explores the human shadow, memory, longing, and the struggle to embrace imperfection. Her book can also be found in the Gallery Shop at Saratoga Arts. Hours at the Arts Center are Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 11-5.

Her poem “May 29” appears on page 29 this month (September) in Slipstream Magazine’s “Rust, Dust & Lust” Issue #34. And here’s Jablonski’s interview with artist Michael Oatman, “Ignore Alien Orders,” on collaboration, skin disorders, the perversion of birds and more (!) in the September issue of Número Cinq magazine. Jablonski’s poems are also included in Dr. Selma Nemer’s book “The Beheaded Goddess.”

Jablonski will give a reading as a featured poet at the historic Caffé Lena Wednesday, November 5th, 7:30pm — save the date!

Creativity, Wellness & Spirituality

Shine on! By Mary Kathryn Jablonski

If you follow our FB page, you will have already heard about the event called “The Creative Process-In Conversation” held at The Arts Center in Troy on June 11th, which did not disappoint. A panel of six creatives engaged in stimulating conversation with President Chris Marblo about the creative process and how it is manifested in everything from the arts to running an innovative business. I’ve captured a few of their top quotes on our Twitter page.

Panelists included: Bob Bownes, Vice President-Tech Valley Center of Gravity, entrepreneur, inventor; Michael Eck, musician, artist, and writer; David Alan Miller, Music Director, Albany Symphony Orchestra; Chet Opalka, scientist, inventor; Mary Simoni, Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, RPI; and Marion Roach Smith, writer, teacher.

These fascinating creatives got the room charged with their energy, and for the sake of space, I’ll touch on only one person in the room, writer Marion Roach Smith, who spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive circle of friends/colleagues who are invested in your success. She was clearly devoted to her creative life, telling of the discipline involved in writing, which for her included reading, observing, researching, listening, and being “out in the world.” She also mentioned “earning the Right to Write,” which prompted me to check out Julia Cameron’s book on the subject. In it, Julia says:

Julia Cameron The Right to Write“We should write because it is human nature to write. Writing claims our world. It makes it directly and specifically our own. We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance.”

And, “I believe that what we want to write wants to be written.”

I continued the evening with a conversation over dinner in which another writer and I discussed the “aggression” of the word choices failure and rejection and even the word success, the weight of these words, and we wondered aloud how we personally and as a society assign these words to our creative work. What makes a project a failure? If a poem or a manuscript isn’t published, is it automatically a failure or is it a work-in-progress? Similarly, if a painting is hung in your living room and not at the MOMA, is it a failure? I know a writer who lists rejected, or unpublished manuscripts as works under consideration. Not that we need to coddle ourselves, but what a gentler approach! From rejection to success, it also helps to read the rejection letters that famous works of literature have received. Some laughable, some astonishing.

Hope all this talk about creativity gets your own creative juices flowing and more conversations underway. Here’s to the creative spirit in each of us. Shine on!    — MKJ


Re-training the Mind: Changing Conditioned Thinking

Create an Energy Vortex By Veronica Cole, Holistic Psychotherapist and Grief Specialist

Beginnings and endings are often filled with unexpected changes or events that can knock us off our course. We have every intention of following through. We know with every fiber of our being the new choice would enliven our spirit. At this moment we know we could heal our conditioned thinking and stories we tell ourselves.

Uh-oh, our conditioned self quickly steps in to let us know the what if, or the why we are not good enough, or capable enough, or worthy enough to grab the gold ring. All of a sudden the wind is out of our sails.

To move beyond this self-imposed prison requires mind training. Similar to an athlete training for an event you too must begin to exercise your new way of thinking and being.

Veronica Cole Grief CounselorChange it up! Read a book which inspires you and keeps you thinking of possibilities. Listen to a CD of someone you admire. Start a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. Talk to those who get you – encourage your new mindset. Eliminate the nay sayers with love. Make a dream board. Show with pictures and words all of the dreams you have and view this daily. Contemplate your vision of your life as you want it to be. Daydream in explicit detail!

Oh yes – this is work and effort. It may feel like you are trying to swim upstream, but that will begin to fade. Have faith in you and the mission of your soul. Soon you will begin to feel a new energy surrounding you. This will become a vortex of limitless possibilities. Your new thinking will take front and center stage, and the old conditioned thinking will begin to fade. The energy vortex will build and carry you – you’ll see.  Life is beautiful!

Veronica will be leading a One Big Roof workshop on June 28th titled, “From Loss to Light: Recovery from Adult Sibling Loss.” See our calendar for details.

Your Highest Self: The Process of Release and Renewal

Rot and Renewal: Preparing for Renewal by Sue Van Hook

Rot you say? What does rot have to do with renewal? Well, for this mushroomSue Van Hook with mushroom maven/fungus fairy it has everything to do with preparing for the renewal of life come spring. What the sun, some rain carbon dioxide and chlorophyll in plant leaves create as carbohydrates, the fungi break back down into carbon dioxide and water so the cycle of the same atoms continues from one season to the next. You know the sweet smell of the winter’s rotting leaves and logs and the release of gases from the soil as the frost leaves the depths of the earth. You know the soft spongy feel to the forest floor or the garden as earthworms begin to churn and aerate the soil. The earth comes alive with microbes that support new plant growth and this enormous surge of new life renews us as well.

So I ask what did you give to the rot this winter? What needed releasing, even burial, such that new life force can arise in you? If you haven’t swept the cobwebs from your mind chatter, flushed the air in your lungs, or emptied the pelvic bowl (often referred to as the junk drawer of the body where we stuff emotions, patterns, hurts), there is still time. Hand over what no longer serves your highest self to the rot and let the queendom of fungi transform the energy of what you’ve released. When you first smell that earthy odor, thank the queendom as you deeply breathe in new life force energy along with all the other organisms that share the planet for another season.