Re-training the Mind: Changing Conditioned Thinking

Create an Energy Vortex By Veronica Cole, Holistic Psychotherapist and Grief Specialist

Beginnings and endings are often filled with unexpected changes or events that can knock us off our course. We have every intention of following through. We know with every fiber of our being the new choice would enliven our spirit. At this moment we know we could heal our conditioned thinking and stories we tell ourselves.

Uh-oh, our conditioned self quickly steps in to let us know the what if, or the why we are not good enough, or capable enough, or worthy enough to grab the gold ring. All of a sudden the wind is out of our sails.

To move beyond this self-imposed prison requires mind training. Similar to an athlete training for an event you too must begin to exercise your new way of thinking and being.

Veronica Cole Grief CounselorChange it up! Read a book which inspires you and keeps you thinking of possibilities. Listen to a CD of someone you admire. Start a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. Talk to those who get you – encourage your new mindset. Eliminate the nay sayers with love. Make a dream board. Show with pictures and words all of the dreams you have and view this daily. Contemplate your vision of your life as you want it to be. Daydream in explicit detail!

Oh yes – this is work and effort. It may feel like you are trying to swim upstream, but that will begin to fade. Have faith in you and the mission of your soul. Soon you will begin to feel a new energy surrounding you. This will become a vortex of limitless possibilities. Your new thinking will take front and center stage, and the old conditioned thinking will begin to fade. The energy vortex will build and carry you – you’ll see.  Life is beautiful!

Veronica will be leading a One Big Roof workshop on June 28th titled, “From Loss to Light: Recovery from Adult Sibling Loss.” See our calendar for details.

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