Hanna Somatics Wksp w/ Noreen Owens

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Date(s) - 11/14/2015
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Raising Sensory Motor Consciousness through Hanna Somatic Pandiculations with Noreen Owens, M.Ed., Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

OwenSomaticsFrom the Bedridden to the Serious Athlete, developing sensory motor awareness increases ease for all fitness levels. Stress, anxiety, and injury each has a unique, subtle pattern of muscle tension that molds our posture, restricts our ease of motion, breathing, and balance.

Hanna Somatic Pandiculations relax muscle tension caused by three major reflex patterns. As tension accumulates, simple everyday movements like standing up, sitting down, walking, or getting dressed become less comfortable, or impossible. We tend to attribute this subtle decline to aging; Hanna Somatics calls this the “Myth of Aging.” From the Bedridden to the Serious Athlete…developing sensory motor awareness restores ease for all ages and fitness levels.

This experiential workshop gives your brain the sensory input it needs to relax muscle tension caused by stress, anxiety, falls, accidents, over-stretching, and sitting all day. Tap into your innate potential to maintain muscle function through pandiculations – simple, natural, non-stretching movements that:

  • relax muscles
  • relieve spine and joint stiffness
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • expand breathing
  • improve posture, balance, and coordination.

Excellent knowledge for bodyworkers, physical therapists, trainers, and yoga instructors; anyone in the fitness or pain relief field working with seniors or teens.

Drop-ins are welcome! Arrive by 12:25 to sign in. Dress comfortably in layers for warmth. Bring a water bottle. NOREEN OWENS will guide you through slow, gentle, natural movement explorations to release the tension of stress, anxiety and injury.

1st Hour – Exploration of your body’s pattern of STRESS- to relax and relieve low back pain and tight neck and shoulder muscles.
2nd Hour – Explore the internal pattern of ANXIETY- and expand breathing, open your chest and shoulders, and upright your posture!
3rd Hour – Explore the protective pattern of INJURY- and restore length and movement to your waist and rib cage. When your hips and shoulders feel looser, you will move more gracefully.

This workshop is not just for practitioners. THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR EVERYONE! Wherever you are in your ability to move, increasing somatic awareness is powerful sensory self-knowledge that translates into ease of movement.

LOCATION: ONE BIG ROOF, Center for Mindful Practices
538 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY
In the Saratoga Health & Wellness Building
(across from the Maple Avenue Middle School, just off Route 50)

To Register: for this half-day Somatic Workshop with Noreen Owens,
Call (603) 772-3307 (preferred) or e-mail noreen@owensomatics.com
to pay by check or credit card

FEE: $150 (includes CD of Self-Pandiculations)
Early-bird Registration by Oct 15th: $125 ($25 savings)

For more information visit www.owensomatics.com

Noreen Owens has been teaching Hanna Somatic Education since 2003 when she recognized that sensory motor awareness was a missing piece in healthcare, fitness, rehabilitation, and aging. She offers classes, workshops and private sessions that reverse and prevent pain caused by long-term stress, anxiety and injury. She is the author of Where Comfort Hides.