Tea and Qigong with Dr. Wang, MD

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Date(s) - 02/12/2014
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Ba Duan Jin Qigong, Standing Form– “A collection of eight glorious movements”
Dated back to Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279), Ba Duan Jin Qigong features eight gentle, graceful, slow and stretching movements. It combines relaxation and strength, dynamics and inertia into one. It cultivates vital and lasting inner energy that stimulates parasympathetic nervous system to improve circulation, organ function, flexibility, balance and fitness.

This program consist six weekly classes of one and half hours each. In each class, you enjoy one or two tea servings and you learn two Ba Duan Jin qigong movement(s). Upon completing the program, you will become knowledgeable on different loose tea leaves, their characters, the brew techniques and their health benefits. You also will be able to practice Ba Duan Jin Qigong on your own.

Tea with Dr. Wang Series: Tea workshop followed by Ba Duan Jin Qigong

  1. Green Tea and Ba Duan Jin introduction
  2. Oolong Tea and Ba Duan Jin session one and two
  3. Jasmine Tea and Ba Duan Jin session three and four
  4. Pu Er Tea and Ba Duan Jin session five and six
  5. Black Tea and Ba Duan Jin session seven and eight
  6. Fruits and Vegetable Tea and Ba Duan Jin complete

Power point presentation, tea making and tasting and Qigong.
Cost: $15 each class, total six classes. Check or cash.
To register: drwangsteaclub@yahoo.com or 518-681-1327