What is Reiki?

Healing with Reiki By Mary Kathryn Jablonski with Janet & James Orzano

What is Reiki? Reiki is an energy system that supports the body’s natural ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a relaxing, soothing energy, which promotes growth, stress reduction, balance and well being. Janet Orzano is One Roof’s Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. She began her practice in 1991, began teaching in 1993, and brings with her extensive experience. In a unique blend of male/female energy, Janet often works with her husband James in Reiki sessions and energy readings. Their practice and experience with Reiki provides the foundation, substance, and wisdom of their teaching.

Our friends at Spirituality & Health Magazine have just published a great article indicating that more & more western medical facilities including hospitals are utilizing the healing powers of Reiki. In their practice, Janet & James have assisted people for over twenty years in their efforts to heal challenging medical, emotional and spiritual conditions such as: anxiety, grief, extreme fatigue or stress, moving thorough life transitions, chronic pain, pre or post surgery, and with side effects from cancer treatments or other serious medical conditions. Reiki also bolsters the immune system, making it a wonderful addition to an effective preventative healthcare regimen.

Janet & James’ teaching philosophy centers on their belief that self-healing is the foundation for repairing our world. They believe that as each of us reaches new levels of self-healing, we are able to touch the lives of others in ways that are filled with peace and loving kindness. They offer Advanced Practitioner and One Year Master Teacher programs. Visit SacredSourceReiki.com

James & Janet are also offering a series of workshops for children ages 8-10 this fall at our One Big Roof location titled “INNER ADVENTURES Awareness Workshops” to teach children to explore their world with intention, awareness and curiosity. Friday evenings, September 19th-October 24th there will be activities, crafts, and guided meditations. This six-part series is designed to teach children how to gently journey through their inner world using imagination, creativity, and awareness. These mindfully constructed experiences will teach children to identify and manage stress through simple techniques with confidence, focus, and calm. Along with James & Janet, two additional guides will be present in the class, Sarah McKinley, MS, Ed. & Brigitte Toussaint, BA. See our workshop schedule for complete details and registration info.


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