INTENSE GROUNDLESSNESS – By Pierre Zimmerman 1/1/22

From the Desk of Pierre Zimmerman:

We begin another year, another winter with news about Covid and its variants, knowing we are only going to be free of it when the last few protect themselves from the invisible virus for the benefit of all. Most of us, most of the time, go through life wanting to have freedom and at the same time, we have a tight grip on whatever we experience. Groundlessness creates discomfort and the fear of possibly having the rug pulled out from under us.

How do we manage to relax with no stability under our feet? It is as if a person were to run after flickering fireflies at night. As this person becomes consumed by the desire to catch them, he loses sight of the ground he was standing on, falling over a deep cliff. By chance on the way down into an abyss he is able to catch a thick branch and hold on to it for dear life for what seems to be a very, very long time. There is nothing under his feet, no foreground or background in his mind to provide safety. And just as he is going to let go, unable to hold on any longer, the moon appears from behind the clouds. There and then he realizes that he was only a couple of feet above solid ground. In that moment, he is free to let go.

We can feel at ease in our bodies by trusting that we are held by something larger than ourselves, experiencing profound surrender into a benevolent field with awareness, the constant ground of being in the midst of impermanence. We try to avoid groundlessness at any cost. The paradox is that when we attune to our inner knowing, we can experience deep relaxation by trusting in life’s small or unfamiliar moving moments and expect we will find firm footing. Letting go can often feel like a free fall when attuning to being fully alive, not knowing outcomes and letting go of resistance. Yet, we might experience fluidity and freedom, develop new relationships, find new connections, while trusting new revelations and deep wisdom for the sake of all.


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