iTheatre to Present “Guardians of the Treasure”

iTheatre Saratoga presents a stage production of the book, Guardians of the Treasure, by Dr. Selma Nemer and Gabrielle Nemer, adapted and directed by Mary Jane Hansen, on Friday, August 2nd at 7:30pm; and Saturday & Sunday, August 3rd & 4th, 2:00pm. All performances will be held at St. Clements School, 231 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY. This is a family-friendly performance!

Director Mary Jane Hansen says: “Guardians… is a spectacular journey of the heart, mind, and soul that reminds us we are all inter-connected and powerful. With feats of faith, hope, and love [characters] Chrystal and Stephine discover their best selves and how they might redeem an ailing world.”

Two best friends are forced by life events to learn to listen to their gut rather than convention, and in so doing discover who and what they truly are. At great risk to themselves, they discover a Treasure, an intricate part of their past, now woven into the future. A struggle of the forces of dark and light brings them to a new understanding of life, love, and the infinite capacity of the human spirit. Guardians of the Treasure is a magical adventure sure to enchant audiences of all ages!

Tickets are $20/adult, $10/child and are available at 518-584-7780.
Tickets may also be purchased by logging on to:

Psychologist Dr. Selma Nemer is founder/owner of One Roof Holistic Health Center and the Saratoga Stress Reduction Program, in Saratoga Springs. Here’s what she has to say about the magical process of writing “Guardians” with her beloved granddaughter:

Working with my granddaughter was an inspiring process that I encourage others to try! “Guardians of the Treasure” began when my granddaughter Gabrielle was 10. From a different time zone, it was often I, the scribe, who would need to end our sessions, amazed. With aching hand and tired mind, I would hear Gabrielle eagerly ask, “What time next week?”

A year and a half later, the first draft appeared. What a wonderful shared journey this was! As Bruno Bettelheim inferred regarding fairy tales, children not only appreciate, but also intuit the delicate interplay of light and dark. With a grandmother’s trepidation, I would tend towards the protective light, while Gabrielle fearlessly and necessarily added the depth and tension of the dark. We can’t underestimate children’s knowing. She also understood timing and would often say, “No, it’s too soon to say that.”

We not only hope that readers of the book and viewers of the stage production of “Guardians of the Treasure” will have fun in their involvement with the story, we also hope to empower them to trust their intuition, find comfort and strength in nature, take risks, and grow, as our lead characters have courageously done. This is a book (and play) with a positive, powerful message for all ages that includes creativity, self-reliance and leadership. Many of the scenes are metaphorical and expand our vision to embrace the infinite capacity of the human spirit. 

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