Magic Moments – By Pierre Zimmerman 11/01/22


Inner conflicts are usually linked to rumination about the past and anxious anticipation of the future, therefore being tormented by hope and fear. Magic moments happen when we are not hiding in the bubble of self-centeredness to protect ourselves. One purpose of meditation is to break this bubble and let mental constructs vanish in the open space of freedom. 

When we look at a full moon on a fall night, experience a moment of grace or magic with friends by the seaside, or meditate together, the burden of inner conflict is lifted. What we experience is a sense of calm and an enhanced sense of interdependence, rather than fragmenting reality into solid, autonomous entities. We discover a respite from mental toxins.

What we practice grows and new qualities such as wisdom and inner freedom develop. Meditation leads not just to a few moments of grace, but to lasting stages of well-being that we may call genuine happiness. They are very satisfying states, because the feelings of insecurity gradually give way to deep confidence, and we have the ability to use our skills to deal with the ups and downs of life, intense emotions, and unexpected situations in a much more optimal way.

Equanimity, which is not indifference, will spare us being swayed back and forth like high waves of the ocean by strong winds of blame and praise, gain and loss, comfort and discomfort. We discover how to relate to the depth of inner contentment, and the waves on the surface will not appear as threatening as before. Not perpetuating mental fabrications, obsessive narratives or linear thinking. This allows us to rest in the state of clear freshness of the present moment.

Open presence is a state of clear and pure awareness in which the mind is like a vivid, transparent sky, thoughts continuously undoing themselves as they arise, like birds crossing the vast expense without leaving any trace. There is no grasping or repeating the same experience, because you have already been there. This brings great peace.


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