Dr. Selma Nemer on Mindfulness

Musings on Mindfulness By Dr. Selma Nemer

The word mindfulness is being bandied about, but what does it mean, and what is the big deal? The extraordinary research that is being done all over the world on mindfulness versus mindlessness, the robotic state of stress, is showing actual differences in the brain, called neuroplasticity. In the eight-week course on learning mindfulness meditation, it is shown that what we attend to, or give our attention and awareness, in fact imprints our  neural pathways.

What this means is that if we focus all day long on what we don’t want, we are attending to sabotaging patterns. Mindfulness makes us aware of our own internal stuck programs and gives us the tools to shift back into the present moment.

Saratoga Stress Reduction ProgramBeing in the present moment detoxes us by resourcing. It’s like going to the beach and watching the tide. The waves roll in, roll out. Rhythmic, lulling, majestic. You feel it after chilling. Your heart slows. The breathing deepens. You feel part of the present. This is mindfulness. Coming home to inside.

We can’t always go to the beach, but we can train our minds to come back again and again to the breath. To this moment.

Dr. Selma Nemer is a licensed psychologist at One Roof and co-facilitator the Saratoga Stress Reduction Program, now in its tenth year of operation. New classes begin in September.

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