“On Gifting” by Pierre Zimmerman, M.S.

To privately delight in your own way during this month of gifting, try offering the free gifts of patience, presence (without multi-tasking), unconditional love (by dropping agendas) and spending time in the community of family and friends, as well as people in need.

My gift to you is this beautiful Buddhist story:

Indra, king of the gods, once asked his royal architect to create an appropriate monument to his greatness. The architect created an immense net that extended through space and time. At each point of the net that the threads crossed, a priceless jewel was placed. The jewels were infinite in number.

If we were to arbitrarily select one of the jewels for inspection and look at it closely, we would discover that it is polished. Every surface reflects all the other jewels, infinite in number, in the net. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that the process of reflection is infinite.

Indra’s Net is the infinitely repeated interrelationship among all the phenomena of the universe. As every jewel is intimately related with all other jewels, a change in one jewel means another change, however slight, in every other jewel. This is the story of interdependence.

Happy holidays to all!  Pierre


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