On Meditation – By Pierre Zimmerman 4/1/21

On Meditation – By Pierre Zimmerman

The main point of meditation is to get to know ourselves: our mind, our behavior, our ground of being. We think we know ourselves, but actually we often don’t, because everything around us changes constantly and hopefully we do too.

We often say we meditate “on something.” We practice mindfulness meditation to experience a state of being, called the ground of being, from which we pay attention to every thought and action, prior, during, and post meditation.

This leads to us becoming more refined, and with it comes gentleness. We pay attention to pain and pleasure, developing empathy and friendship for the self. From there we are able to understand and resonate with the suffering of others. We become kinder and drop into basic goodness and wholesomeness of self. We begin to gain trust in ourselves and the world. A view of the path or journey emerges, and we do things for ourselves and others which give us universal genuineness.

The phenomenal world is no longer seen as an obstacle and is appreciated. We transmute aggression, ignorance and craving into a state of wisdom by simply observing them, without being hijacked by them or acting out, letting these states subside. We gather wisdom when we are free from ego and anxiety, a state of mind and heart that need not be cultivated and which cannot be lost.


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