Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation & Coaching In Saratoga Springs

One Big Roof, Center for Mindful Practices, (538 Maple Ave) is a retreat and workshop center that meditation-9704promotes well-being through events and classes daily throughout the year. Diverse individual presenters from the community and keynote leaders offer the following:

  • Saratoga Stress Reduction Program
  • Meditation
  • Yoga for Adults and Special Populations
  • Movement Classes (such as tai chi & qigong)
  • Weekend Lectures and Special One-time Workshops that have included the following topics:
    -Energy Work
    -Nutrition Classes
    -Spiritual Direction
    -Inspiring Movies and Documentaries
    -Support Groups
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    We offer Private Rental Opportunities by Appointment

One Big Roof is at 538 Maple Ave!

One Big Roof, Center for Mindful Practices, is located at 538 Maple Avenue (Route 9), Saratoga Health & Wellness Building (across from the Maple Avenue Middle School, just off Route 50). Enter at the rear of the building.

We offer plenty of space for the ongoing classes offered in meditation, therapeutic yoga, and Stress Reduction. Parking and access are a breeze!  Join us at the Saratoga Health & Wellness, 538 Maple Ave location as we serve the region in mindful practices that include body, mind and spirit.

Note: All services with our individual practitioners are at One Roof, 58 Henry Street. 

One Big Roof Contact Info:
Pierre Zimmerman, Director 413. 992. 7012