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Our New Model:
Telehealth/Hybrid Services

One Roof is transforming from offering brick and mortar therapy to a new model: Telehealth/Hybrid Therapy Services beginning in April, 2023. What does this mean?

After serving the community for the past 23 years in person, we are now connecting clients with practitioners through our website. On our website you will find qualified local providers including therapists, mindfulness & stress reduction for individuals and businesses, and more. The process is simple: Find practitioners’ bios, offices, and availability on our website and choose the one you feel drawn to. Contact them directly with questions or to schedule an appointment.

You will make initial phone contact directly with the practitioner to explore whether you would make a good fit. Depending on their services, you would then schedule telehealth visits or an office visit with them at their location. Some practitioners may offer both types of services (telehealth during bad weather, for example).


Some Frequently Asked Questions…

What is One Roof?

One Roof is a web-based home to many individual specialized and skilled therapists & practitioners. Our clients are referred by physicians, hospitals, friends and family members. Clients seek out One Roof practitioners because they know each one of us takes the time to listen and address their concerns with compassion and respect. What else makes us different? We are local; therefore personalized.

What kinds of therapies do you offer?

The individual practitioners at One Roof offer a variety of psychotherapy services and more – including Mindful Practices with Pierre Zimmerman for businesses, groups, and individuals. Visit our practitioners’ page to explore bios and specialties of our therapists and others and the many unique modalities they use.

Learn more about our meditation offerings, support groups, and Mindful Practices, and view our complete calendar of events.

Do you accept insurance?

Some of the One Roof therapists and psychologists accept health insurance. Contact the individual provider at their phone number listed on our practitioner’s page to inquire.

How much are your services?

All of the practitioners at One Roof are independent contractors who set their own fees for services, so prices vary. You can visit the services page on this website and feel free to inquire directly with practitioners. 

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