Pepper Wolfe on Healing: Body, Mind and Spirit

“Someone I loved once gave me / a box full of darkness. / It took me years to understand / that this too, was a gift.” — Mary Oliver
As a society we are encouraged to move away from pain and discomfort. There are myriad ways to distract and suppress what comes up in our bodies and our hearts. As a result, we often stay stuck, unaware of the ways that our blind spots can actually be running the show. Our potential may be greater than our presentation. Our joy often comes from the outside and is fleeting, rather than the deeper abiding bliss, our birthright, which can only be found inside.
To make the shift, we have to be willing to lean into the discomfort we typically try to avoid. Pain can serve as a message or warning, pointing in the direction where growth and greater freedom is possible. What if instead of avoiding, we moved toward discomfort? The past few years, many of us have been put through the wringer, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If there was something we avoided feeling or dealing with, the isolation of Covid certainly shone a spotlight. Pain was there, staring us in the face. Many are deciding to address rather than suppress. But where to turn for healing? There are many avenues to improved well- being.
My favorite modality is Yoga Therapy, which is an integrated approach to wellness. Working with mind-body-spirit, Yoga Therapy is a practice that encourages us to cultivate compassionate curiosity and move toward pain. Leaning into discomfort is easier with a guide. Like a friend in the dark who brings a flash light, support brings release. With support, not only is growth and healing possible, but living a life of ease and grace is within reach.
On a physical level, the Yoga Therapy I offer is rooted in unwinding tension in the deepest muscles along the spine. The combination of supported poses (asana) with props and blankets, breath work, and deep listening allows us to lean in and yield to the tension, unhelpful patterns, programs and beliefs (bliss blockers). Release results in a decrease in physical pain as well as deeper insight and awareness of what has been on lockdown internally. It can also help us change the habitual ways our nervous system responds to life, as pain becomes our teacher. Anchored by support and compassion, we transmute wounds to wisdom, and suffering into the freedom to be our truest and most radiant selves. Contact me, Pepper Wolfe to schedule an appointment.

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