Andrea Lodico, PhD

Limited Permit Psychologist
Dr Andrea Lodico

UPDATE: I am not currently accepting new clients. At this time, I am not keeping a wait list. Thank you.

Dr. Andrea Lodico holds a doctoral degree in clinical school psychology from Hofstra University. A limited permit psychologist, Dr. Lodico is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, infusing it with mindfulness based practices to address chronic stress, anxiety and depression in clients. She uses a practical, problem solving approach to guide adults and families in resolving the constant challenges associated with thriving and parenting in today’s environment.

Prior to joining One Roof, Dr. Lodico worked as a clinician in a variety of settings, including a school-based emotional disabilities program in the Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools, and has served on school assessment teams and committees on special education. She is an active volunteer in local schools and preschools and has also served on the boards of several charitable organizations.

Dr. Lodico says,  In my work as a psychotherapist, my goal is to empower clients to build a life in which families can thrive. It’s so important for us to carve out time to slow down, check in with ourselves, and gain new perspectives. My hope is that individuals with whom I work can build healthy new habits for themselves, transmit these new habits to their families, gain control over their lives that often and understandably feel ‘out-of-control,’ and curate a mindset that embraces both flexibility through life’s unpredictability and the extraordinary power of contentment in the present moment.