Edward Kuntz,

Acupuncturist, TCM
Edward Kuntz

Accepting new patients. Please call Ed directly to schedule an appointment.
NOTE: As of 4/1/23 Ed can be reached at 518-232-5402

Ed Kuntz has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 15 years. He is experienced in treating a variety of conditions such as acute and chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression, menstrual disorders and menopausal symptoms, and digestive complaints. Traditional Chinese Medicine excels in treating the above conditions because treatment is individualized to each person’s particular needs.

Ed specializes in treating conditions primarily with acupuncture, although herbal remedies are also available. Ed’s acupuncture style is influenced by Japanese acupuncture techniques (gentle shallow insertion, thinner needles) and craniosacral therapy and continuing study of classical Chinese medical treatises.

Ed Kuntz is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist. He received a Master of Acupuncture degree from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


The following items are associated with the WINTER season in TCM:

Winter’s Element is Water – Representing stillness & tranquility
Organs – Kidneys, the source of Qi, or energy (and bladder)
Emotion – Fear

Winter is a good time to focus on eating hearty, cooked foods like soups, stews, and teas, that include warming herbs such as garlic, ginger and cinnamon. Food & beverages should always be warm or hot.

It is also a time for rest & reflection, storing energy. Be sure to dress for the weather & keep toasty, avoiding drafts & chills – especially on the neck & lower back! Flow yoga, tai chi & qigong are slow movement practices that can help
with mindfulness & stress reduction – to keep fear at bay. Get plenty of sleep, and find a way to relax such as meditation,
reading, writing or through the arts.

Connect with One Roof practitioner ED KUNTZ to learn more, and schedule an appointment to move through this season with renewed peace, energy and enhanced immunity.