Mary Beth McCue, RD, CDN, IFNCP

Registered Dietitian, Functional Nutrition
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Mary Beth McCue RD, CDN, IFNCP is a Registered Dietitian, NYS Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, and Certified Reiki and Meditation Practitioner. She has worked as a clinician for over 25 years, and in private practice at “Saratoga Nutrition” since early 2000.

Her services include personalized Functional Medicine and Nutrition assessment and therapies, testing, and nutrition support from herbal and nutritional therapies, and homeopathic remedies. She offers mindfulness meditation/breath work, yoga therapy, neural repatterning and other Meditative Movement Therapies to assist clients to access their inner wealth of abilities for restoration and purpose.

Mary Beth supports clients with any conditions at any age. Common conditions she offers personalized support with are: gastrointestinal (root-cause region) and brain health, autoimmune, body composition/weight, disordered eating, mitochondria/energy and endocrine (hormones) health, cardiovascular conditions, prevention and performance, common challenges of/and healthy aging.

The cutting-edge, researched based specialties of Integrative and Functional Medicine (IFM), and Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) are in harmony with Mary Beth’s career path, as their foundational component is the practice of Functional Nutrition and mind, body spirit connections. At its core, functional nutrition is a science-based practice promoting Food as Medicine for restoration, with consideration of additional nutrition support to prevent and alleviate “diet and lifestyle-related disease(s).” Addressing the root cause of disease or dysfunction by offering lifestyle medicine therapies, functional nutrition practitioners are able to promote healing instead of simply “masking symptoms or working in a vacuum.” This is a whole-person whole-systems approach, rather that working with an isolated set of symptoms.

Mary Beth’s work and credentials are recognized (or accepted) as a natural bridge which complements any other provider. *Insurance and private pay accepted.

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