Pepper Wolfe, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker
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*NOTE: Currently I have some limited availability. Please call me directly to inquire.

Pepper Wolfe has been a licensed social worker for 15 years. Additionally she has 1000+ hours of training in yoga therapeutics. Over the past 13 years that she has been in private practice, she has integrated working with the body into the traditional mental health model. Incorporating breath work, meditation and asana (yoga poses) into her work, clients gain considerable traction in areas where they have felt previously stuck. In other words, we work with the body to work with the mind, mood and behavior.

Pepper specializes in working with parents with a trauma history who want to end the cycle of generational violence. Parents often strive to be peaceful, gentle and conscious with their children, but find in the moment they are triggered, it is difficult to access information they carry intellectually.

The work we do is, in part, the process of embodying the knowledge. Finding ways to regulate our nervous system when triggered, shining a light on what is in our blind spots – facilitating deeper awareness and insights, and finding ways to cool down quickly are all examples of how Pepper helps her clients achieve their parenting goals.

Additionally, nothing quite like parenting can push us into our own wounding. In this, we have an extraordinary opportunity for healing. Rather than numbing out, Pepper encourages her clients to lean into this chance to move through the heartache and into greater freedom. More joyful, liberated living and parenting is possible.

Finally, Pepper has always had an affinity for children. She was a public school educator and was certified in New York State K-12, and has considerable knowledge of childhood development. Pepper thinks of her work largely as child advocacy through parent support. Through humor, close listening, deep compassion, gentle coaching, and somatic healing, Pepper’s clients find greater ease and joy in their lives and consequently, in the lives of their children. Her work is a culmination of her studies and she is continuously excited to share her passion.

*Pandemic parenting – As Pepper has two small children of her own, during these Covid times she is not offering in-person somatic work. She does offer breath work and meditation remotely, however, and she wants you to know that she is in this parenting journey, during these unprecedented times, with you. Please feel free to contact Pepper directly for scheduling at (518) 796-9255.