Pierre Zimmerman, MS

Organizational Consultant, Mindfulness Teacher/Leader & Chaplain in End of Life Care
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Upcoming Workshop with Pierre Zimmerman: Embodied Awareness Training, AUGUST 10, 2023

Pierre Zimmerman will offer Embodied Awarenesss Training on August 19th, 10 am at the Kairos Center for Change, #852 Route 29, Saratoga Springs, (heading toward Schuylerville). The workshop is designed to lead people into a short meditation first to settle the body, heart and mind in its natural functioning. It is followed by a walking meditation in the beautiful natural setting of Kairos Center For Change. A silent practice of embodied awareness in movement will provide a sense of safety and connection. Finally, a vagal toning exercise will calm participant’s central nervous system and move each one from daily stress and contraction to experiencing a sense of ease and expansion, restoring levity and balance. Contact Pierre for details 413-992-7012.


Pierre Zimmerman is an organizational consultant, mindfulness teacher/leader and chaplain in end of life care. He has been working in Behavioral, Elder Health Care for over 35 years in many capacities, including business administration, clinical program development, contracting for physicians and marketing in the US and Canada. Pierre has served as CEO for a specialty hospital with daycare and outpatient continuum of care.

He holds a BA in psychology, an MS in organizational development and management and completed chaplaincy training at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Baystate Health System in Massachusetts, where he was a chaplain of the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care. He attended the Mindfulness trainings at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Pierre has been leading Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs for the last 18 years for the general public, as well as for special groups including physicians and other clinicians, people with chronic illness, those with addictions, law enforcement, law firms, banks, business, and in oncology and palliative care settings. He offers private mindfulness sessions for individuals and families. Pierre also provides mindful communication and mindful practices for couples in person and/or online via Webex.

Pierre offers many workshops and organizational training sessions on mindful business practices at for profit, non-profits, and other entities. He has mentored many international chaplaincy students at the Upaya Zen Center for over a decade. In the past 13 years he has been leading Dharma Meditation every Sunday morning as well as during the week in several locations. He leads several support groups for cancer patients and care partners and meets with individuals and family members privately – in person or online via Webex.

He is affiliated with the Saratoga Clergy Committee and has served as board president of the non-profit organization Beyond My Battle.

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