Your Highest Self: The Process of Release and Renewal

Rot and Renewal: Preparing for Renewal by Sue Van Hook

Rot you say? What does rot have to do with renewal? Well, for this mushroomSue Van Hook with mushroom maven/fungus fairy it has everything to do with preparing for the renewal of life come spring. What the sun, some rain carbon dioxide and chlorophyll in plant leaves create as carbohydrates, the fungi break back down into carbon dioxide and water so the cycle of the same atoms continues from one season to the next. You know the sweet smell of the winter’s rotting leaves and logs and the release of gases from the soil as the frost leaves the depths of the earth. You know the soft spongy feel to the forest floor or the garden as earthworms begin to churn and aerate the soil. The earth comes alive with microbes that support new plant growth and this enormous surge of new life renews us as well.

So I ask what did you give to the rot this winter? What needed releasing, even burial, such that new life force can arise in you? If you haven’t swept the cobwebs from your mind chatter, flushed the air in your lungs, or emptied the pelvic bowl (often referred to as the junk drawer of the body where we stuff emotions, patterns, hurts), there is still time. Hand over what no longer serves your highest self to the rot and let the queendom of fungi transform the energy of what you’ve released. When you first smell that earthy odor, thank the queendom as you deeply breathe in new life force energy along with all the other organisms that share the planet for another season.


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