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Alternative Healing Therapy: Meditation In Saratoga, NY

Mindfulness Practices for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups and Businesses

Mindfulness practices for individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses are taught by Pierre Zimmerman, MS.  The programs are grounded in both practice and science. These classes, in which students learn mindfulness meditation as a practice for growth and healing, reduce stress & anxiety.

Students learn multiple forms of mindfulness meditation and the latest neuroscience findings about the impact of mindfulness on the brain. As students discover they can experience a deeper sense of peace in the midst of a fast-paced, demanding and stressful life, they learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease. While the program is very personal and therapeutic, it is also practical and offers concrete approaches to dealing with physical and emotional distress.

This course is based on the program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society) in 1979, which is now an international program. Dr. Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues have collected decades’ worth of data demonstrating the profound impact mindfulness practices can also have for those struggling with chronic pain, illness, and life threatening diseases.

This program offers a practical, research-based, and deeply powerful model of stress reduction, which improves the quality of life, regardless of external stressors. Our program has been offered in Saratoga Springs since 2005. We have celebrated over 100 classes and have had over 3000 graduates!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches us how to be in the present moment. The good news is that this is an innate ability. We have simply learned to override it. Mindfulness practices teach us to slow down inside, shift out of auto-pilot, and step into a more open, relaxed and focused state of attention. With mindfulness we can better see things as they are without judgment, self-criticism and overwhelming emotions. Mindfulness is a discipline that allows us to access greater clarity, insight and compassion.

This program teaches participants focused attention, open awareness and kind intentions. Just a few weeks into the program our students begin to notice significant changes physically, emotionally and cognitively.

To Register

To schedule program dates, or for fees and registration plus more information, contact our Main Office at 518-581-3180 or Pierre Zimmerman at 413-992-7012.

What do our graduates have to say?

Graduates say our program has helped them:

  • Improve sleep
  • Breathwork has helped them to relax and concentrate better
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Better manage physical pain
  • Increase flexibility and stability
  • Change negative thought patterns and strengthen wholesome core beliefs
  • Bring greater awareness to their eating habits and daily challenges
  • Feel more connected to their bodies and minds
  • Improve immune system health
  • Discover a sense of inner calm even during stressful situations
  • Be in the present moment with greater ease
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve communication


Upcoming Workshop: Embodied Awareness Training, AUGUST 10, 2023

Pierre Zimmerman will offer Embodied Awarenesss Training on August 19th, 10 am at the Kairos Center for Change, #852 Route 29, Saratoga Springs, (heading toward Schuylerville). The workshop is designed to lead people into a short meditation first to settle the body, heart and mind in its natural functioning. It is followed by a walking meditation in the beautiful natural setting of Kairos Center For Change. A silent practice of embodied awareness in movement will provide a sense of safety and connection. Finally, a vagal toning exercise will calm participant’s central nervous system and move each one from daily stress and contraction to experiencing a sense of ease and expansion, restoring levity and balance. Contact Pierre for details 413-992-7012.


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