One Roof welcomes new practitioner, Dr. Andrea Lodico.

Dr Andrea LodicoDr. Lodico is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, infusing it with mindfulness based practices to address chronic stress, anxiety and depression in clients. She uses a practical, problem solving approach to guide adults and families in resolving the constant challenges associated with thriving and parenting in today’s environment.
Dr. Lodico says, In my work as a psychotherapist, my goal is to empower clients to build a life in which families can thrive. It’s so important for us to carve out time to slow down, check in with ourselves, and gain new perspectives.
She will begin booking clients March 1st. Read more here including contact info.

One Roof Welcomes Dr. Joshua Green

One Roof welcomes clinical psychologist Dr. Joshua Green. Dr. Green is currently booking appointments through his online portal or at his extension 343. He integrates mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal-process approaches. Read more here.
Dr. Green says: I work with clients to cultivate a warm, non-judgmental space from which we can explore and address presenting concerns. Many of us adapt to life circumstances in ways that are necessary or functional, but later become problematic in new contexts. This leaves us with habits, feelings or reactions that we may want to change or better understand. My approach encourages individuals to become more fully present with their genuine experience as it arises, moment-by-moment, so they may learn to respond in new ways and chart a path forward.