Dr. Selma Nemer’s New Adventure: Guardians of the Treasure!

Dr. Selma Nemer & Gabrielle Nemer co-author a new adventure titled, Guardians of the Treasure…

Clinical psychologist and owner/director of One Roof, Dr. Selma Nemer, and her granddaughter Gabrielle, a middle school student, are thrilled to share with you an exciting fantasy-mystery tale, Guardians of the Treasure, available now from Amazon or locally at Northshire Books.

Guardians-Nemer2015As dark forces are trying to take over the world, best friends Chrystal and Stephine stumble upon a mystery in a small historic town, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They inadvertently discover a treasure, woven into their ancestry, and must learn to unlock its secrets, to be used against these dark forces before it’s too late. 

Dr. Selma will sign copies locally on Dec. 3rd during the Victorian Streetwalk at Northshire Books on Broadway in Saratoga Springs beginning at 5pm; a perfect chance to have Dr. Selma inscribe a special message to a special young person on your holiday list! A group of local authors will be available during the festivities in the Children’s Room.

We hope you’ll join in courageously unraveling the secrets of the treasure!

Dr. Nemer is also author of The Beheaded Goddess: Daughters of Narcissistic Fathers, available from Amazon.

Visual Poetry & The Mind-Body Connection

One Roof Administrative Director Mary Kathryn Jablonski is a visual artist & poet. She remembers playing primarily with words in her childhood and cannot remember not having an inner dialogue. Her first awards in school were in writing. In her teens, “coming into her body,” she recalls discovering the world of visual art and its potential. She became an artist and went to art school, pursuing a career in art. Throughout her life, these twins traded places, like Castor and Pollux in the night sky. When she began working in galleries and museums, she discovered artists who fused the mediums, and she saw the connection between what was for her, the corporeal world of art making and the intellectual, interior world of the poem. Entering the realm of holistic health, she realized the mind-body link and the beautiful role it has played throughout her life.


Her visual poetry artwork has been on display for the month of September in a small solo show at Saratoga Arts, 320 Broadway, where she also has a piece in their juried exhibition, “Saratoga Sights & Sounds.” Her chapbook, To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met, is a collection of epistolary poems woven with threads of humor. In this search for self, she explores the human shadow, memory, longing, and the struggle to embrace imperfection. Her book can also be found in the Gallery Shop at Saratoga Arts. Hours at the Arts Center are Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 11-5.

Her poem “May 29” appears on page 29 this month (September) in Slipstream Magazine’s “Rust, Dust & Lust” Issue #34. And here’s Jablonski’s interview with artist Michael Oatman, “Ignore Alien Orders,” on collaboration, skin disorders, the perversion of birds and more (!) in the September issue of Número Cinq magazine. Jablonski’s poems are also included in Dr. Selma Nemer’s book “The Beheaded Goddess.”

Jablonski will give a reading as a featured poet at the historic Caffé Lena Wednesday, November 5th, 7:30pm — save the date!