What is Yoga Nidra?

It is said that "Yoga Nidra takes you beyond the barriers of the five senses. In this realm, which we call the Zero Stress Zone, you have the power to actualize your intentions, affirmations and prayers."Everybody benefits from a deep rest that releases tension,...

What Can Hanna Somatics Do For Me?

What Can Hanna Somatics Do For Me? By Noreen Owens Every day I see someone whose quality of life could be improved by restoring sensory motor awareness. Yesterday, I saw a woman at the park limping in obvious pain. Her right waist was contracted. She had right hip and...

What is Embodyoga?

What is Embodyoga ® by Anna Witt Practicing Embodyoga is to enter the body-mind fully with clarity of awareness, self-acceptance, compassion, and awe. It enables you to rediscover yourself and align your consciousness with a much higher, wiser, and peaceful expression...

A Lesson in Mindfulness

The Blog I Didn't Write By Mary Kathryn Jablonski Like so many in our beautiful small town, I knew Mana Behan for over 20 years. She made me feel special. She made me feel chosen, and at the same time empowered. But this is not my story; this is the story of hundreds...

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