Spring Grad

What I’ve loved most about this program is that I’ve learned to stop and feel all that is going on inside me prior to reacting. I had a wonderful experience and learned things I can use the rest of my life.

Recent Graduate

As a result of this program, I am more present. I have a regular yoga practice followed by meditation. This program brought me back in touch with my true being during a period of time when I felt I had lost it.

Business Graduate

Meditation has become part of my daily routine. I’m beginning to watch what I put into my body and I’m exercising more. I consciously breathe more in stressful situations. I forgive myself a little more quickly. If I judge myself, I’ve developed a...

Just Graduated

I enjoyed everything about this program! Gaining awareness (and the meaning of it). The extensive workbook was full of information that helped keep me on track and I loved the CDs – I am hooked on your voices, which calm me down and prepare me for meditation. I...

New Graduate

I notice that I’m a lot more even-keel, that I worry a lot less about what others think about my “performance” in life. I also eat a lot more slowly and drive slower. This program has helped my relationship.