THE ACT OF BEING – By Pierre Zimmerman 12/1/21

Spirituality is the exploration of the nature of being. What is it to be? Is it being still? We are not trying to be still, nor is it an instruction to do something. It is something you can be aware of and notice. It is difficult to be if we don’t have a place where human beings are still in any recognizable way, we are certainly a noisy species.
Everyone we meet falls into a category of what we call being. It is not defined by our occupation, what religion we adhere to, what family history we belong to or our hopes for the future. There is something more immediate that we meet when we are meeting a being. We often discount that because it is not conceptual. It is not about our work, our interests, what we like or dislike, what they do or do not do for us.
A baby is a full complement of being, even before it can speak, although it doesn’t yet have a voice. Once we start talking and learn language, we become mesmerized by what we say. For adults, any conscious moment is being. We are not necessarily being taught that, instead we pay attention to the following queries: Am I talented or not? Am I good looking? What is my vocation? Etc. Being is freedom. It is not being this or that, not liking this or that. It is an astounding act of existence, being conscious, being aware, in the moment.
Meditation is the art of being, being still. Nothing is required to be, like good or bad, right or wrong. Those thoughts are part of life, but they don’t define “being.” It is awakening, not being on autopilot or asleep at the wheel, unconscious. We are not lost in the conceptual mind or emotional body. Notice how easy it is to define what it is not! It is the foundational nature of what we are, one with everything. The direct experience of being is clarity, a profound sense of “all is well,” in other words, bliss.

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