The Healing Power of Sound, Vibration and Breath

By Dalien a.k.a. 13 Hands

Say I love you to someone, how does it feel? Feels nice right?
How do you feel inside when you let out a good yawn?
How about that nice grunt sound you make after taking a dump?
Don’t deny it . . . (LOL) . . . that’s my favorite too!!!

Sound, it’s an integral part of our lives, but we don’t always pay attention or understand how incredibly healing it is to the mind, body and spirit.
You don’t need grant-funded research to tell you how healing laughter is, do you?

You know it is . . . You’ve felt it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that Mozart is better for your brain than aggressive heavy metal music with lyrics about negative things, death and dark subject matters.

Does the voice of your favorite co-worker inspire you or annoy you?
Have you ever been in a room with people chanting mantra? Kirtan? Ever sat and listened to a church choir?

The point is this, listen and feel sound, all sound . . . it’s everywhere. Every time you’re exposed to it, try to close your eyes and not just hear it . . . feel it, notice the change in your breathing, FEEL what it’s doing from the inside out.

DALIEN, aka “13 HANDS,” is a two-time Grammy nominee, Professor of Yoga, ERYT500 instructor, kirtan wallah, presenter and sound therapist who has been immersed in many studies, approaches and styles of yoga, holistic health education, shamanism and contemporary/ world chant music for over 20 years. With 13 albums, playing over 25 instruments and touring approximately 100-150 events a year. A survivor of Crohns/Colitis and other endocrine issues, he healed himself completely through a very inspiring journey to go on and implement this wisdom and healing into the programs, workshops, teacher training modules, concerts and personal development work he shares to help people with general health, stress reduction issues and in the recovery of post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.
He will offer a Yoga & Sound Meditation Workshop at One Big Roof on May 29 at 7pm!
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