What Can Hanna Somatics Do For Me?

What Can Hanna Somatics Do For Me?

By Noreen Owens

Every day I see someone whose quality of life could be improved by restoring sensory motor awareness. Yesterday, I saw a woman at the park limping in obvious pain. Her right waist was contracted. She had right hip and shoulder pain – typical for an overly-contracted waist. She is having a hip replacement. Restoring function to her right waist muscle would reduce her pain, and if she still needed hip surgery, her recovery would be faster with a functional waist. Hanna Somatics restores function to muscles by restoring sensory motor awareness.

Hanna Somatics targets three neuromuscular reflex patterns – stress, anxiety, and injury – that become habituated and cause stiffness, aches and pain. Each pattern manifests a distinct posture. The woman at the park demonstrated the Injury Reflex Pattern. The Stress Pattern is a major cause of low back pain. The Anxiety Pattern looks like aging – it rounds the shoulders, causes neck and shoulder pain, and restricts breathing. Somatics relaxes the patterns with simple, non-stretching movements called pandiculations, which are as naturalNoreenOwens as a yawn.

Learn to target and relax the daily tensions of stress, anxiety, and movement repetition injuries; manage back pain, anxiety, neck and shoulder stiffness, and breathing.

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Noreen Owens is a certified Hanna Somatics Educator. She is the author of, Where Comfort Hides.