What is Embodyoga?

What is Embodyoga ® by Anna Witt

Practicing Embodyoga is to enter the body-mind fully with clarity of awareness, self-acceptance, compassion, and awe. It enables you to rediscover yourself and align yourAnna Witt Embodyoga consciousness with a much higher, wiser, and peaceful expression of self. Embodyoga is an evolving tapestry, woven from the deeply healing, therapeutic, and spiritual essence of yoga and cutting edge studies in the field of body-mind and consciousness.

Embodyoga classes and private sessions are appropriate for beginners to advanced practitioners. Each student is gently empowered and supported to move in accordance with his or her own abilities, creating space for personal observation and learning.

Each session is developed around your personal needs and focus, such as:
– Movement re-education following injury or surgery
– Healing trauma
– Maintaining health with specific focus
– Restoration for balancing stress
– Regaining strength, balance, coordination
– The joy of movement, breath, and meditation in movement
– Increase in gaining self-awareness, compassion and peace of mind

Anna Witt, E-RYT-500, is a passionate Embodyoga® teacher and certified Body Mind Centering® practitioner, RMT. Known for her inspirational teaching style and her innovative method for bridging the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and the cutting edge of body-mind and consciousness, she has been working with individual clients for over 15 years. For a complete schedule of Embodyoga classes and Anna’s contact info see the One Big Roof yoga schedule.